Huawei Body Fat Smart Scale Price and Features

Body Fat

Reasons to buy Huawei Smart Scale

The concept of  Body Fat Smart Scale gadgets with built-in intelligence appears to be an excellent one. You can monitor your progress, transmit them to your healthcare professional if necessary, and better understand how your body operates by connecting these devices to your smartphone. Get your scale buy here.

When the scale is no longer relevant, what happens? The business behind the app or the scale might decide to stop supporting it. According to my own experience, you may use it as-is for as long as you like until you need to reset it since it suddenly won’t connect to Wi-Fi anymore. As a result, the scale can’t even be used as a standard scale because you can’t go past the setup screen. It’s just a giant paperweight.

Positioning and Price

Body Fat Smart Scale 3 is reasonably priced at USD 42. I also discovered that “smart scales,” along with Misfit’s offerings, are among the most affordable solutions on the market. Scales from Teal or Garmin, for example, are often three times as costly. Even though there are low-cost alternatives from brands, I’ve never heard of. The more exciting it is to test, the more intriguing it will be to find out what it can do.

Moreover, if you already own a smartphone, tablet, wristwatch, or fitness bracelet from Huawei or Honor, Huawei smart scale 3 is the most excellent choice for you, as these scales will seamlessly integrate with your smart device ecosystem. The Huawei Health app is already on your phone, and it serves as a central location for tracking your overall health and vital signs.

What’s in the Box

Have you ever wondered what is in the box of the Huawei Smart Scale? Traditional light design in a flat box with a plastic handle included. Scales and paper instructions are all that’s inside.

Design, Materials, and Build Quality

Huawei smart scale 3 follows a design pattern common to devices in this price range. Above, you’ll find a tempered glass plate of 5mm thick with a white liner. The scale base has four evenly spaced stainless steel platforms on which you must stand with your feet when weighing. Later, we’ll speak about their specific functions. There is a Huawei logo in the middle of the bottom half of the page. When the scales are active, a giant LED character display is visible through the glass, displaying enormous numbers and other symbols.

High-quality matte white plastic forms the bottom foundation in the shape of a shallow tub. Four grey plastic feet with such a non-slip rubber base are located in the corners. The four AAA batteries are hidden under a detachable sliding hatch in the center of the device. Toward the top of the screen, there is a button that allows for a full reset.

Connecting and Configuring Huawei Scale 3

Inserting the battery into the Huawei Body Fat Smart Scale is all you need to do to get started. As a side note, these items are not included in the package, so you’ll need to buy them separately. Scale 3 can only be connected to Huawei Health if it appears in the app’s list of available devices. Remember that the scales are just a few years old, or rather; this is their most recent model. When I first installed the program, I had the most current version available from Google Play. A newer model wasn’t on the list at all.


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