STEM education at the High School Level
Health & Wellness

In The Schools

Connecting Case faculty and community experts to the Early College High School and the Architecture and Design High School students extends a great high school program in ways never before possible in high schools. Classes are conducted remotely using one-to-many video connections. The expectation is that exposing students to exciting ideas will entice them to pursue college STEM majors and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.

In the Homes

Ultimately, our goal is to engage students in their homes in the evenings. However our beta block does not have a critical mass of high school students. But college students in the beta block will tutor high school students in the STEM program using one-to-one video connections from their beta block homes.

Class Meetings

Entire classes or groups of students can meet or study together using many-to-many video connections.

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