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The OneCommunity “middle-mile” fiber project will create a broadband superhighway for robust and affordable connectivity services through an open and provider-neutral network infrastructure. This means the high-speed network will be available for use by all of the region’s carriers, cable operators and private networks at reasonable rates and terms, allowing them to better serve business and residential customers. OneCommunity also will leverage this great regional asset to provide robust, affordable broadband services to public interest subscribers, called community anchor institutions.







Established as a nonprofit in 2003, OneCommunity is working to turn Northeast Ohio into a "Smart Region" – one that directs its resources and investment to support technological innovation, highly efficient and customer-centric public services, and a superb overall quality of life for its citizens. Technology is vital to this transformation, keyed by OneCommunity's ultra-high-speed, fiber-optic broadband network, which covers almost 2,000 miles around Northeast Ohio and provides data service for more than 2,300 public institutions such as hospitals, schools, libraries and government offices. This broadband network serves as a platform for innovation and collaboration, enabling a variety of beneficial programs and applications in health care, education, government and public safety. It is also an ideal test environment for researchers, technology companies and entrepreneurs. The network is also the infrastructure that will uniquely support the shift toward Northeast Ohio as a Smart Region. OneCommunity is eager to play a role in this change and to partner with others to ensure that we use this competitive advantage to improve our region's social and economic prosperity.