health and wellness at home
Health & Wellness

Healthcare at Home

Working with clinicians from Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals of Cleveland, and student Health Services, we are working to improve the quality of life and reduce the cost of health care for beta block residents.

Clinicians make HD video house calls on patients reducing the number of trips to the doctor's office, the emergency room, and the hospital. But when these trips are necessary the clinicians get the patients to react quickly rather than waiting to see if it gets better.

US health care costs are too high and chronic diseases account for over 75% of these costs. Healthcare at home can reduce these costs. For example, rebound hospitalizations for congestive heart failure cost Medicare over $6 billion per year. Home healthcare can all but eliminate them.

Wellness at Home

Education is underutilized in health care. Using multiparty HD video, medical educators teach chronic disease management skills to groups of patients. These patients are better equipped to care for themselves and less likely to suffer expensive complications requiring emergency room visits, hospitalizations, or worse.

Exercise classes adjusted for the participants with a live instructor able to see every participant help participants get or stay strong.

We can help residents learn to shop for and cook foods that are appropriate for a chronic condition—low carbohydrates for diabetes or low sodium for congestive heart failure.

We suppose patients are more likely to make and keep commitments to live instructors than to prerecorded video programs

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